Providing assistance when needed to those who need it most

Hillsborough County Firefighter Charities, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity committed to assisting the families of fallen firefighters of Hillsborough County.

Widow & Children's Fund

What we provide . . .

HCFF Charities has provided post high school education to the surviving children of Hillsborough County Firefighters who die in the line of duty, as a result of a duty related injury or illness [ . . Read More]

Youth Programs

Who we support . . .

HCFF Charities in partnership with other organizations support the children in our community that are returning to school. Both teachers and children in the Hillsborough County need assistance [ . . Read More]

Fire Service Scholarship

How we help educate . . .

HCFF Charities believes in supporting young adults in the Tampa Bay Area. One way we have chosen to assist them in pursuing their goals and dreams in the fire service [ . . Read More]

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To provide directed assistance to the families of fallen fire service personnel and support the citizens of Hillsborough County with community and educational initiatives.